About the makers of FTP on the Go

FTP On The Go is by the same company (Headlight Software) and author (Michael Burford) as GetRight®.

GetRight was the first Windows download manager tool back in 1997 and is still one of the most common download managers used today. (More history about GetRight and other programs.)

GetRight includes FTP downloading as well as a full featured FTP client. In fact, a never-released FTP program was one of the first Windows programs I ever did to learn about Windows 3.1 programming, back when that was brand new.

I've spent the past year looking at my iPhone thinking "What can I do with this?" I thought about crazy location based real-world massively-multiplayer games. But in the end, came back to what I know.

I got a call when out of the house that I'd mistyped something on a new webpage. It clicked in my head as I was there holding the iPhone after the call. I could create an FTP client for the iPhone with a built-in text editor. I'd be able to edit or fix a webpage from anywhere, and so could anybody else.

I went and bought my first Apple computer since an Apple IIgs back in High School. A nice little Mac Mini that virtually disappears sitting on top of the monstrous old Dell tower I use for Windows. After skimming through a couple Mac programming books, I went to work.

FTP On The Go is the result!

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