Since starting to write iPhone programs, I've been working hard; both on some little apps, but mainly a big useful (but not "sexy") FTP client for the iPhone.

All the crazy and simple apps are the ones that get a ton of users. But really, a "Flashlight" app is following the instructions for the most basic "Hello World" program--and not finishing! And fart noises are worth #1?

I was a bit inspired after reading about the Popularity Enhancer feature in Tweetie. But thought to do far more, one app that had all the popular simple tools--and more--rolled into one. An "Office Suite" of stupid and simple iPhone apps if you will. I mentioned to my brother (me = programming, he = graphics) and his reply was "Like iCatchall. Did I just name it?" Yep.

We'll keep adding more, and already have ideas (I'm looking at you, small crowd of Lighter Apps). If you have ideas, let us know. And we'll keep watching the App Store too....