It's a simple hourglass, intented for use with board games. Whenever we play, it is common that everybody gets so excited we forget to watch the timer. Using iHourglass, that won't be a problem. It has a buzzer, and even vibrates if everybody is yelling so the person "watching" the time will feel when time is up.

It's very intuitive, turn on its side to pause, flip upside down to reset the clock. (Much better than waiting for half the sand to trickle from one bulb to the other.) I spent awhile getting the animated sand to look good. It's not a countdown timer, there's no text showing the exact seconds left. Just like a real hourglass, you have to look at how much is left in the top, and how fast it's falling out, to figure the time left.

There are several different hourglass images (some shown here), from very elegant to classic to silly. And many timers to suit different games.

Available in the iTunes App Store

Coming in 1.1:
  • Custom Time option.
  • More hourglass images. My brother Peter the designer has been having lots of fun!
  • It's a free upgrade, so there is no reason not to buy now!

  • iHourglass Free is also coming soon. It is limited to only one hourglass image, but it's the beautiful glass and gold one above. It also doesn't have the Custom Time option that will be in iHourglass 1.1. But it is free.

    Are you an artist and want to make an hourglass for us to maybe include in future versions?
    Images need to be 320x480 and in PNG format is best. There are 2 layers in 2 separate PNG images. A background and foreground. The foreground is normally mostly transparent (this lets any highlights on the glass or things be in front of the sand images.) You can also include a 5x5 image to use for the sand; again PNG is best.

    All artwork must be original creations by you; include a note saying you created it and that we are authorized to use your images in iHourglass. Include a name and website if you'd like us to mention or link to you on the website and/or within the program.

    Contact us for information on the "mask" image we'll need if your hourglass needs to do fancy motions (like balls rolling left or right.)

    Just email them to my first name@my last name.net (And my name is Michael Burford.)